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‘He will come and save you’ Isaiah 35:4 (KJV)

The Hebrew word ‘Hoshiah is translated save’ in translations of the Bible, however the full meaning of the word is actually much deeper. ‘Hoshiah’ means saves, heals, restores, delivers and makes whole. That gives a different understanding to salvation and to what Yeshua came to do; yes, He came to save the sinner, save the lost, but for what? Eternal life definitely, but not just that! He came to save mankind and restore them; deliver them from the evil that surrounds them, and the pull of the flesh within them. He came to make people whole; bringing life in all its fullness and glory; both in this age, and the age to come. Do you know that you are saved? Have you surrendered your life and your eternal future to Yeshua? Do you try to live each day for Him and His kingdom? As well as knowing that you will be with Him in heaven, do you experience the grace of His salvation in your earthly life? Have you experienced the power of His healing touch; in a physical, or an emotional way? Do you pray for the sick? What about His restoration – do you have a story to tell of how Yeshua has restored your marriage, or your family, or your confidence? Have you known His deliverance, in a financial, spiritual or other kind of way? Does your life increase in fullness and joy as He works to make you whole? It is not salvation alone that the world needs to hear about, but also His healing, restoration, deliverance and completeness! What experiences have you had that will encourage others to call out to Him for salvation?