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‘But those who wait on Yehovah shall renew their strength; ‘ Isaiah 40:31 (NKJV)

When you feel overwhelmed, where is your place of replenishment? When you face difficult times, or need greater emotional capacity, where is your place of strength? Seek Yehovah; learn to turn and find Yehovah in these periods, to refresh and refocus. When you need a greater sense of perspective are you able to lean on, and hope in Him? Say to Him, ‘Yehovah, I am feeling tired and weary, but as I put my desires and expectations in Your hands, I know this environment will strengthen my faith. I know that you are good and that I will break through’. You will find that new hope arises as you fill the gaps that produce worry and fear, and deplete your emotional reserves. Your strength comes from this new certainty of who Yehovah is, and that He is able to hold you while you struggle for the breakthrough of your dreams. As your strength of conviction and faith is secured, you are then able to have a new perspective; you are no longer overwhelmed by issues or circumstances, but are able to soar above them on wings of hope, faith and expectation. A new joy awakens, and you rise above the sense of hopelessness, running into the purposes of Yehovah with fresh vision. If you learn to hope correctly, you will be able to run forward into all your purposes, break the power of weariness, and keep moving into your destiny. Hope in Yehovah today, and learn to soar, fly, run and finish the race!