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‘May the Yehovah of hope fill you with all joy and Shalom as you trust in him,’ Romans 15:13 (NIV)

Hope is your desire with a faith-filled sense of expectation from Yehovah that these promises will be fulfilled. Let the water of His Ruach soak your life so that new shoots of hope flourish in your heart. Invite Yehovah to come and fill you with a fresh sense of joy and Shalom. Let the joy of the certainty of His promise fill you, but also let Shalom rule your emotions; let Yehovah conquer all the fears that shout, ‘Do not hope – you will only be disappointed!’ Don’t allow the enemy to dishearten you, by telling you that you are not good enough, or haven’t seen your desires fulfilled yet. Don’t let him persuade you that you can’t help others, even as you journey yourself. Examine your heart and look at those areas where hopelessness and cynicism have dominated your way of thinking, and ask Yehovah to change you. Where you have withdrawn, Yehovah wants you to overflow. Maybe you have felt you have nothing to offer as you are in a place of battle, but Yehovah can fill you and make you a resource to others. This doesn’t depend on your ability, but on His capacity poured into your life. It is always His desire to use you to bless others; to breathe life, hope and encouragement into their lives. Ask Yehovah to show you someone who you can touch with this message of hope. As He fills you, you will overflow by the power of His Ruach Hakodesh, and you will be a messenger of hope, in a season of hopelessness for so many.