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“Daniel, ‘was found to have a keen mind’ the ability to interpret dreams, explain riddles and solve difficult problems…” Daniel 5:12 (NIV)

So often in the believers life it is easy to become concerned about your heart issues, but not sure what to do about your mind! You can even sometimes end up with the impression that your mind is a hindrance to Yehovah, and that it is more important to feel than to think! However, Yehovah wants to have informed, well-rounded people, who love Him with all of their heart and mind. Many people carry labels from their school days, where they were told that they were stupid, and would never amount to anything. So many people need help to renew their minds, and reform their ways of thinking. It is so important, because generally your mind and your thinking is what you use to make life-impacting decisions and choices. If the enemy can convince you that you are stupid, or weird, or strange or geeky, that becomes a doorway for rejection. If you then start to withdraw, your heart gets damaged, and you can lose your hope and purpose for life. Realise that your mind is a gift from Yehovah. Some people are able to read intellectual documents, others can speak many languages, or are gifted with creativity or artistic talent; still others are able to work logically or practically; some have a gift of common sense, which saves many from disaster! Know that your mind can be dedicated to Yehovah, and to serving His purposes, no matter what type of brain you have. Yehovah wants to restore your mind, and release you from all shame, whichever form it takes. To step into your full destiny, you must allow Yehovah to touch, and heal, your mind and heart.