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‘you are not mindful of the things of Yehovah, but the things of men’ Matthew 16:23 (NKJV)

So often the ways in which we have been taught to think, can become a hindrance to the purposes of Yehovah in our lives. In this narrative from the Bible, Peter allowed his natural emotions and logic to direct his decision making, and response to Yeshua. He didn’t want Yeshua to go to Jerusalem as it was dangerous, so his natural thinking concluded that it must therefore be wrong, however Yeshua had to correct him! Most of the processes of thinking and deduction taught in secular education are contrary to the life of faith that believers are called to live. The believers life and call doesn’t always ‘make sense’ logically. It takes Yehovah to teach His people a new way of decision-making and thinking. It is important to learn how to keep in mind the things of Yehovah, above your human process of analysis. Steer your mind toward kingdom thinking: if Yehovah has ordered the project, He will pay for it! Try to align your mind with Yehovah’s way of thinking; don’t just be contained by rational thinking processes, but allow Yehovah to teach you. Allow Him to teach you the right reactions; the right way to respond. Ask Him for a heavenly perspective for every situation in which you find yourself; to give you the mind and attitude of a true believer in Yehovah, kingdom thoughts and a kingdom mind-set. Learn to think like Him so that instead of being a hindrance, your mind can instruct you in His ways. Learn to lean on Him, and ask His view of everything!