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‘Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mold, but let Yehovah re-mold your minds from within,’ Romans 12:2 (PHILLIPS)

What a graphic picture is painted by the J. B. Phillips translation of this passage! The peer pressure which influences how believers think is so subtle that often it is hard to recognise when you have moved away from a position of faith and purity, because your mind gets squeezed! Keep washing your mind with the truth of the Word of Yehovah, or you will quickly lose your life’s reference point. It is easy to allow your thinking to be influenced by the media, and to lose your clarity of what is right and wrong. In this culture, where people celebrate no absolute truth, you need to keep soaking your life in the Word of Truth. There is a battle for your mind! The battleground for your faith is fought between your ears every day. Ask Him to cleanse you of every wrong spiritual, natural, secular, rational or religious spirit that offends Him. He has given you the power to win the battle of your mind. Take the divine power of Yehovah and resist the arguments, deceptions and pretences that are contrary to the will and purpose of Yehovah in your life. Take captive those thoughts, and ways of thinking, that contain your destiny and limit your faith. Everything that stirs unbelief and fear needs to be wrestled with in faith so that you don’t develop strongholds of thinking that resist the truth of Yehovah in your life. Imprison the thoughts that would make you the prisoner! Take the power of Yehovah, and battle for your mind, so that you can be free in your thinking!