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‘Being rooted and grounded in love, you may be filled with all the fullness of Yehovah’ Ephesians 3:17-19 (NKJV)

Unless you learn the secret of loving Yehovah with your whole mind, you will never be able to develop your true potential. As the revelation of Yehovah touches your life, it will awaken your mind to think about yourself correctly; without limitations. You will start to understand the potential that Yehovah sees in you, and your creativity and imagination will be triggered to dream. It is often said that you become like those you love, and as your love for Yehovah deepens, so you will begin to think like Him, and take on more of His characteristics. Ask Yehovah to revolutionise the way that you process the love for Him in your life. A foundational understanding of this love will become a reference point for all your decision making and analysis. You need to believe that He is for you, and is trustworthy. Unless you are rooted and established in this love you will always be double-minded; one moment believing, the next moment doubting. You must be utterly convinced of the goodness of Yehovah. Imagine an apple tree bought in a pot from a garden centre. If you don’t plant it, it won’t produce apples, and in time will die. In the same way, your life must be fully rooted in the knowledge of the love of Yehovah, if you are to be abundantly fruitful. This fruitfulness will include an ability to think and dream in cooperation with the Ruach Hakodesh. He will increase your desire and ability as you engage with Him. So cultivate your love of Yehovah, believe in His love for you, and then start to dream like Him!