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‘Then our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with joyful shouting’ Psalm 126:2 (NASB)

There is a kind of fullness of hope, which can only be described as joy. This joy is vital to life on earth; it may look like a smile, or sound like laughter, but true and unhindered joy is powerful, and can only be found in relationship with Yehovah. Trusting Him is the secret to joy; in all circumstances, in all situations. When your eyes are fixed on Him, when it is He you adore, then your spirit is filled with joy, despite what else may be happening in your life. The joy of Yehovah is where you find strength; strength to work at your marriage, to apply for another job, to look after a child with special needs; strength to try your best; to encourage others, to give generously, to care for those on the fringes of society. Find your joy in Yehovah today, and let it seep into everything you do and say, every place you are in, and every person that you meet. Let joy be your trademark, as a lover of Yehovah. When you are joyful despite whatever else is going on, it does not go unnoticed. Your joy will turn people’s heads and hearts towards the Yehovah of love, just by being around you. What you carry will rub off on others, stirring hope and Shalom within them also. Allow Him to fill you with His joy; let it overwhelm your sorrows, fears and anxieties. Choose to exchange your burdens for His Shalom; your heaviness for His laughter, your sadness for His light. Find your rest, hope and joy in Him, and watch as the world around you is changed!