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‘But seek first the kingdom of Yehovah’ Matthew 6:33 (NKJV)

Life rushes past so fast! Yehovah has given you the gift of time, but are you using it? Have you ordered your time? So much is expected; at work, and at home. Wherever you look, it seems like everyone is rushing – teachers, who once thought the working day finished when the children left the classroom, now end up marking papers all evening. There is also increasing pressure on the community of believers, and fellowship programmes also seem to be busier than ever! However, busy days are not always productive days. Yeshua said, ‘he who abides in me,bears much fruit!’ (John 15:5). The pace of your life is not the measure of its effectiveness. Do you hear yourself saying, ‘I’m just too busy,’ or, ‘I haven’t got enough time!’ If so, then you are not making the most of the time you have. Perhaps you have seen the simple experiment that highlights the importance of prioritising the big decisions in our lives first? If a glass container is filled to the top with small beads, and then larger balls are placed on the top, there is obviously not enough space for them to fit into the container. However, if the large balls are placed in first, amazingly all the rest of the small beads fit comfortably into the container around them. Where is Yehovah on your list of priorities? You may find that it is possible to do less, but be more fruitful. It may just be that if you prioritise seeking Yehovah’s Kingdom and His will first, it ultimately gives enough space for all the other things that need to be done.