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“Let the weak say, I am strong!” Joel 3:10 (NKJV)

The wonder of salvation is that weak people can become strong; the foolish become wise, the fallen, forgiven. With Yehovah’s help, it is time for the weak to rise up and say, ‘I am strong’. In the first chapter of Joshua, four times, in various ways, it commands: ‘be bold’; ‘be strong’, and even, ‘be VERY courageous’! There is no way that anyone can enter the fullness of Yehovah’s destiny without becoming strong and courageous! The strong resist temptation and the weak give in. The strong remain in Shalom, while the weak stumble, are thrown off course, and fall. The strong turn up, but the weak give up. The strong carry heavy weights, while the weak drop responsibilities. The strong draw meekness, and humility, out of their grace filled souls, while the weak are overcome by ego, approval-addiction and ambition. The strong break through, clear the way and endure the hard times, while the weak fail; shipwrecked by little irritations and inconveniences. The strong rise up, attack, take ground, advance, improve, update, and embrace change, while the weak hide, searching for the path of least resistance, cost or pain. Paul reminds us that it is not our great strength that accomplishes all this, but the grace of Yehovah: ‘the foolishness of Yehovah is wiser than men, and the weakness of Yehovah is stronger than men’ (1 Corinthians 1:25). Therefore, seek to be strong, no matter how frail your starting point may be. No matter how weak you may feel, with Yehovah’s help and grace you can rise up; strong and shining with His glory, and bring His light to the world around.