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‘Tribulation produces perseverance, and perseverance, character; and character, hope’ Romans 5:3-4 (NKJV)

If you ask a weight lifter how they grow strong, they will say, ‘it’s all about resistance‘. Exerting force against something that is weighty causes them to build muscle, and grow strength and stamina. It is true of physical muscles, but it is also true of the spirit man, and the exercising of soul, mind and emotions. For your sake – for your encouragement, building up and strengthening, Yehovah will allow you to experience resistance. As a young shepherd boy, David defeated a lion, a bear and a giant. In the next stage of his training he went on to face the jealous attacks of King Saul. Each of these seasons built David’s resolve and dependence on Yehovah, shaping his resilience for the future when he was king. Joseph grew strong in the jail. Abraham grew strong in the desert. Moses grew strong by a failed attempt at destiny, then a long period of development as a shepherd. If you read through Judges, you will see that none of our heroes of faith could have been great, without an enemy to fight against. Do you realise that the trials you go through can be the very things that make you strong. Sometimes Yehovah’s workings are like a catapult. If you think that you are being held back, that someone or something is resisting you; if you feel overlooked, forgotten, dishonored, criticised or corrected, then pause a moment. Yehovah only ever holds you back, to then propel you forward into His purposes. Don’t give up – the resistance is building your character, making you strong, and increasing your hope!