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‘You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain’ Deuteronomy 25:4 (NKJV)

In ancient days, an ox would be like the tractor of today, and once the seeds had been sown in the field, it would be essential to bury them in the ground, both to allow them to germinate, and to also prevent the birds from eating them. The farmer and the ox would walk back and forth across the field, treading down the seeds. The un-muzzled ox would eat some of the seed as it worked – just as the tractor needs fuel to keep going, so does the ox. As you sow and tread the seeds of the Word of Yehovah, so you must eat of it yourself. The same analogy can be applied to believers who serve Yehovah faithfully; to give, you must learn to receive, to strengthen others you must also be strong. You must ensure that you too have the fuel to keep going. Be nourished as you nourish others. Remember that you need Yehovah’s Word daily. Make sure that you look after your spiritual health – how is your relationship with Yehovah? How much time do you spend with Him, not asking for things, or with an agenda, but just resting in His presence because you love Him, and He loves you? Look after your emotional health – how is your marriage? How are your children and family? As you work in the Kingdom of Yehovah, make sure that you don’t burn out. Yehovah wants us to be rewarded for our work; He wants our lives to be enriched spiritually and materially, so that we can continue to sow and reap. What areas do you need to be nourished in today?