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‘But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of Yehovah.’ Psalm 52:8 (NIV)

David the psalmist describes his own heavenly wealth in terms of growth. When an olive tree flourishes, it starts to flower and blossom, and then to produce fruit. As birds and insects feed from the blossoms, and fly on to another place, so they pollinate more trees which produce more fruit. As people started to gather round David and learn from him, so they went on to pass it on to others, and continue the reproduction of fruit. To flourish in the house of Yehovah, you must be strong, both as an individual and in fellowship with others. Who are the people that you are investing in – those who can learn from you, and then go on to produce more fruit? Who are you learning from in turn? Who challenges you, and keeps you accountable? You need a person like this in your life to make sure you keep producing fruit. The olive tree also represents Yeshua on the cross. The ‘Prince of Shalom’ brought Shalom to mankind through a tree; freeing us from every hindrance in our lives so that we too can flourish and produce fruit. If you have hindrances in your walk with Yehovah that prevent you from flourishing, then bring them to the cross of Yeshua, and find your freedom! Regardless of circumstances, you can learn, like David, how to flourish, and how to ‘trust in Yehovah’s unfailing love forever and ever’. Count your blessings, and praise Yehovah; tell others what He has done for you, encouraging each other, and spreading His praise around you. This will multiply His goodness and glory throughout the earth. What do you need to do to become more fruitful?