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‘So King Solomon surpassed all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom’ 2 Chronicles 9:22 (NKJV)

When you read about King Solomon’s life, kingdom and temple, it is easy to wonder at the abundance of his wealth and splendor. However, Solomon prospered because of his obedience to Yehovah. This doesn’t mean that if you are poor, you have done something wrong, or that everyone who is rich has been obedient to Yehovah. In fact, many times quite the opposite is true! In this case however, Solomon’s riches were used to display Yehovah’s glory. People came from all over the world, and added to his riches by lavishing him with expensive gifts. The source of Solomon’s wealth was Yehovah Himself and those who gave to him always ended up better off! That is the currency of the Kingdom; where there is generosity, blessings follow. Of course it is important, and right, to give when you see people in need, but equally, it is good to sow into the Kingdom where you see Yehovah’s blessing, grace, favor and anointing – join in with what Yehovah is doing. What we give to is not the issue; rather it’s the attitude of your heart which is important to Yehovah. It is impossible to out-give Yehovah. He has access to all the riches of heaven, and these are available to you too, in Yeshua. So be generous with all that He has given you; sow into the lives of those who have nothing, and sow into the Kingdom which is already growing, and in areas where Yehovah is already blessing! Think about people that you know, or local communities and charities. Are there areas where you could invest time, money, prayer or skills? Find where Yehovah is at work!