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“Let us throw off everything that hinders” Hebrews 12:1 (NIV)

Have you noticed that even if you are engaged in great things, serving Yehovah, and meaningful work, it is easy to lose sight of His first purpose for your life? His goal for your life, is for you to become more like Yeshua! When you gave your life to Yeshua, and were filled with the Ruach Hakodesh, you started the process of becoming more like Him. However it is easy to find that as you carry on your journey, you start to listen less to Yehovah, and more to people around you. Particularly if you serve Him intentionally at home, at work, in the community, you will have a lot of people around you voicing their opinions, ideas and advice. While of course there is nothing wrong with this, and it can be a vital part of weighing up Yehovah’s word in your life, if you are more concerned with others views than Yehovah’s, it will become a problem! There are a lot of conflicting and confusing voices, jostling for places in your thinking. It may be the voice of a partner, spouse or family member; it may be a friend or colleague. It may even be angelic or demonic! Even if it is unintentional, well-meaning advice can lead you off-track just as much as outright sabotage. As you keep your sights fixed on your ultimate goal – becoming more like Yeshua, set your face on His presence. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted; don’t listen to the voices around you. Focus on Him. Don’t be swayed by advice which may not be in line with His direction for your life. Choose to seek His purposes, and His voice alone.