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‘The grace of Yehovah was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Yeshua  Hamashiach.’ 1 Timothy 1:14

Pretty much everyone will have made a cup of tea at some point in their life, and there is an analogy which you can apply to your life, from this simple, everyday task! Imagine that you are making a cup of tea; you have poured a cup full of boiling water over a teabag, and watched as the water slowly turned a lovely golden color. The longer you watch the water, the stronger, and more fragrant it becomes as the teabag soaks. Your faith can be like a teabag, soaking in the water of Yehovah’s grace. Your salvation and your answered prayers, depend on those two vital ingredients; grace and faith. Grace is Yehovah’s doing – the work of Yeshua on the cross – while faith is your humble acting upon Yehovah’s grace. Just as a good cup of tea requires hot water and a teabag, so your interactions with Yehovah require His grace, and your faith. The longer you leave the teabag to draw in the hot water, the stronger the cup of tea becomes. Likewise, the longer you soak your faith in Yehovah’s grace, and live in His presence, so the stronger your walk with Yehovah becomes. Are you facing issues in your life that feel insurmountable? Is your bank overdrawn? Perhaps you are ill, in body or soul, or praying for a loved one. In those situations, you need faith to see the hand of Yehovah moving. By grace, Yehovah is able to do more than you could ever expect Him to do for you. So today, immerse your faith in the hot water of Yehovah’s gracious power, and be confident that He who promised, is faithful!