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‘In all things Yehovah works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose’ Romans 8:28 (NIVUK)

The Bible says that you are saved by grace, through faith, and that Yehovah has a plan for your life if you seek Him! Faith discovers the rewards of the plans of Yehovah. Have you ever experienced the disappointment of believing that Yehovah will heal someone that you are praying for, but they have died? Does that mean that you had failed somehow? Of course not! Faith is the substance of what you hope for, and so if you hoped for healing, then you were operating in faith. Should you have prayed harder? Did you not have enough faith? No! The scriptures compel you to always pray for healing, and to walk in faith until the very last moment. What would have been a failure would have been to operate in anything less than praying in faith. Yehovah is Sovereign, and no matter what the outcome of your prayers, it was your faith that pleased Yehovah. Prayer activates faith. To do anything less than pray for the sick, or to pray for a need of any sort, would displease Yehovah. His wisdom and His purposes are far beyond human reason. It is He who knows the plans He has for you – you don’t! Yehovah has foreknowledge of your life, and if you acknowledge Him, then He will direct you accordingly. He always knows what is best, and if you take Him at faith-value, then whatever the outcome of your prayers, you can rest assured that it will somehow work out for your good in His purposes. If you are waiting for Yehovah to answer your prayers, then be encouraged to pray without ceasing, and continue to walk in faith.