Keren Silver – Messianic Israeli artist featured on Haderekh radio.

Daniel Carmel – Messianic Israeli artist featured on Haderekh radio.

Yonina – Yoni and Nina are Israeli artists featured on Haderek radio.

King of Kings – Israeli artists from King of Kings Messianic fellowship in Jerusalem featured on Haderekh radio.

Bill Cloud – has a desire to unlock the hidden treasures within the Word of God and to teach them, along with our Hebraic roots, to believers in Messiah.

Ray Comfort – Messianic New Zealander living in the USA – Street evangelist and author.

Keith Johnson – is an author, international speaker, founder of Biblical Foundations Academy International and also a Messianic Hebrew and Bible Teacher .

Arthur Bailey – is an anointed teacher, author, preacher and prophetic minister within the Hebrew Roots Movement.

Zev Porat – founder of Messiah of Israel Ministries, Zev teaches from a unique Biblical Hebrew perspective of our faith in Yeshua.

Dudley Anderson – is an active Christian radio programme producer. He oversees a non-profit media company called Sure Reality Media and produces numerous short Christian and Messianic teachings for broadcast.

David Robinson – is a prolific writer and broadcaster of Christan Evangelistic programs with a passion to communicate “the greatest message ever written”.

One For Israel – makes sure the truth is easy to find when people search for Yeshua through their audio and video testimony programs of Israeli’s who have come to faith.