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‘He was in the beginning with Yehovah’ John 1:2 (NKJV)

How big is your picture of Yeshua? Do you worship a small, finite Yeshua, or do you worship a Yeshua who is infinite, glorious, majestic, unlimited, and divine? John reveals that before the universe was formed, and the earth created, that the ‘Word’ – Yeshua – existed with Yehovah. That means that Yeshua wasn’t just a human being at a certain time in history, but was, and is, a divine being, in eternity. Many people today reduce the person of Yeshua, by either claiming that He is a mythical figure, or by saying that He was just a charismatic holy-man. However, the Bible says that Yeshua existed even before He was born as a baby, and that He was with Yehovah before creation. At the very start of all things, the Father and the Son existed. They had always existed, along with the person of the Ruach Hakodesh; three separate persons, yet all one Yehovah – mystery of the Trinity! Yeshua was more than just a prophet, a teacher, or a good man; He was more than a preacher or religious leader. He is uncreated, and eternal! He is described as ‘Lord of lords’ and ‘King of kings’. If your idea of Yeshua is too small, then allow your mind to be stretched – dwell on His Glory, His power, His Majesty. Spend some time reading John’s gospel, and meditating on what it means for Yeshua to be outside of time! As your understanding of who Yeshua is grows, so your love for Him and your desire to worship Him will grow too!